Children – Camp SonShine Update

Camp SonShine

Camp SonShine planning committee is establishing new guidelines.  A plan to bring back the tutoring group for 3rd grade will be considered a branch of Camp Sonshine.  This will allow time to make an ongoing relationship for the next year.  Students will be nurtured based on different holiday events and include making a lasting relationship with the family.

Lou Ann Staggs, a member of this committee, will make contact with our congregation or you may contact her.  This gives you an opportunity to assist in this Outreach program.  Target date wil be one afternoon a week beginning after Labor Day in September!

Stay tuned for UPDATES on Camp Sonshine!!


Lou Ann Staggs

(662) 436-0173


Committe Members include:

  • Lou Ann Staggs
  • Anita Alef
  • Jennifer Beam
  • Ninabeth Capaning
  • Jane Wiegartner
  • Margaret Rowland
  • Laura Bostwick
  • Elnora Howell